Windscreen wipers are often found to be an extremely annoying, yet highly useful part of every car. After all, they and their function forms part of the standard MOT and are a vital element of all cars for sale Bedford.

However, there are reports that the windscreen wiper could be consigned to history in the next few years.

This is due to sports car manufacturer McLaren who are apparently working on plans which would eradicate the need for them altogether. The plans, which would see all wipers replaced with a high-tech ultrasound device which would prevent anything sticking to a windscreen.

If this sounds too preposterous to be true, it is worth bearing in mind that a similar system is currently in operation, to great success, on fighter jets. This uses high frequency sound waves which act to form a force field across the glass and prevent anything from settling on them. McLaren’s Chief Designer Frank Stephenson has been a long time derider of windscreen wipers, calling them “archaic”.

If the research turns out to be successful and the various laws can be amended accordingly, new cars could be made without windscreen wipers since the first time since their invention in 1903.

As the many people who search for car dealers Hertfordshire will be aware, drinking and driving causes problems for motorists, road users and the emergency services throughout the year. However, during the festive season there are more instances of drunk driving and as a result, more injuries and accidents. The reason for this is of course that there are more celebrations and therefore more temptation.

As usual, the Government have unveiled their annual anti-drink-drive campaign which is aimed this year at the workers whose lives would be affected if they were caught behind the wheel whilst under the influence.

Recent figures show that more than one million people in the UK would lose their job if they were caught drinking and driving.  Furthermore, a third of drivers who have a conviction for drinking and driving have admitted that they were limited in the jobs they could apply for as a result of their actions. Certainly some jobs such as any within teaching, the legal profession, the emergency services or the armed forces would be closed off as these jobs require a criminal records check.

As a result of this, the campaign which is due to be shown during television advertisement breaks, in cinemas and on posters in pubs and bars throughout the country, will focus on the true life stories of people who have been caught drinking and driving discussing the effect their conviction had on their lives.

One of the best and most effective forms of advertising you can get for your business is fleet graphics. This high impact low-cost advertising medium will boost your company image and reach a wide audience. When you decide to use vehicle graphics, make sure that you choose a design that will boost awareness of your company products or services.

Choose unique designs

You need to come up with unique designs that will attract attention and increase your visibility in the market. This will help your business to stand out from your competition. You can choose from a wide range of graphics that will accomplish your objectives. Work with a professional designer to choose images and colors that will work well for your brand. Customized designs will turn heads everywhere your vehicles go which will help to grow your business.

Create maximum impact

When you consider the amount of time your fleet spends on the road, you have the potential to reach customers far and wide and create a lasting impression. Your company name and logo can be in the minds of prospective customers simply because of the vehicle ahead during traffic. Whether you choose a design that only has your logo and brand name, or you decide to include your products and other graphics, you have a very effective advertising tool.

 When making the choice on the wrap or graphics to use, you need to think about your goal or requirements. It is a good idea to consider your competitive environment when making this important decision. Make sure that you get the graphics done by an experienced company so that you can get quality results. Vehicle branding has a huge effect on those who see the images and you need to make sure that you make a good first impression. When you have seconds to get the attention you need, fleet graphics works very effectively.

Although many of the people searching for used BMW Dundee are often looking for an actual BMW, in recent years many of the used Minis have also been of BMW manufacture, and many critics are speculating that Mini has been the making of BMW.

When news initially broke that the two brands would be working together in 2000, there were many critics. Most notably those who did not want an iconic British brand to fall into the hands of a foreign manufacturer – especially one with a reputation for being about style rather than substance.

However, with a third generation of the Mini Hatch about to hit forecourts and all models released under the partnership receiving rave reviews from critics and customers alike, many of the original critics have been forced to eat their own words.

When discussing what has made the partnership so successful, many have pointed not only to the quality, the refusal of BMW to dilute the quintessential Britishness of the brand and some phenomenal marketing – largely in the form of “it’s a Mini adventure” – as being key to the success.

In addition, the fact that BMW have managed to make the Mini popular in other territories only highlights the fact that this is a partnership which works.

Those customers looking for used sports cars for sale in Watford could soon be in for a more environmentally friendly option as US electrical sports car manufacturer Tesla has opened a London based showroom.

The company have described their showroom as the first step to fully establishing the brand in the UK and will precede the UK launch of the Tesla Model S which will retail for £55,000.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has already confirmed plans to release 50 new cars to the UK every week initially. It is expected that over time, and as demand increases, this number will rise to 100. He also confirmed that the company plans to introduce battery packs which can be used in UK and US cars, meaning a more open market. The final release definitely planned will be the introduction of the Tesla Model X Crossover which will reach the UK a year after the US release.

Furthermore, the company also intends to release a mass market Tesla car to UK drivers. It is expected that this vehicle will cost in the region of £30,000 and will keep the appeal of a Tesla sports car but with a wider appeal.

Today, virtually everyone uses parking lots daily. Unfortunately, we take safety in these areas for granted. Never assume that accidents are unlikely to happen because you travel at such low speeds. Just like the roads, parking lots can be dangerous and vulnerable places for both drivers and pedestrians alike. And it can be worse especially at night because this is when visibility is affected and some drivers are or pedestrians are under the influence of alcohol. There are two options to help increase the driver’s awareness and ensure safety awareness of drivers and pedestrians:

Visual warning

These include pavement markings, flashing lights, bollards, stop signs and safety barriers. They are designed to help increase driver awareness and direct traffic. A good thing about visual warning signs is that they are functional, easy to install and can be done at reasonable cost.  Unfortunately some drivers may not feel obligated to follow the signs.

Physical measures

To control traffic speeds, physical measures such as road bumps, speed bumps or any other physical device are installed on the road surface. Drivers are therefore forced to travel at the minimum speed possible, thus increasing their awareness and even reaction time in case of an emergency. Such devices are made of asphalt, concrete or recyclable rubber depending on the weather conditions.

Some safety measures also beat logic. As a driver you can park away where there is less pedestrian traffic to reduce chances of accidents. And reduce speed especially in wet bad weather. Vehicles have high chances of skidding in wet weather. Always follow parking restrictions; this will ensure that you are not a victim of circumstances. Perhaps the final thing to consider for your own safety and that of others is that you are the only safe driver here. Always follow your instincts!

Whilst many people searching for Subaru dealers Glasgow might be fully aware of what they’re looking for or may simply want one of the more well-known models, the Subaru Legacy is a car which is often overlooked.

To many people, this doesn’t make sense as the Legacy has a reputation for reliability and safety. However, with few people aware of the benefits of the model, it is in danger of being phased out and enthusiasts, including The Telegraph have begun to campaign in order to prevent this happening.

They say that for the past 10 years, the Legacy has been demonstrating improved build quality and an upmarket appeal, as well as a variety of powerful engines (a 135bhp 2.0-litre, a 162bhp 2.5-litre and a 245bhp six-cylinder 3.0-litre.)

In addition, being an estate car means that the Legacy is more likely to find a second home after a driver has decided to move on.  currently available in a 2.0litre but with a soon to be released and much more powerful 3.0 litre waiting in the wings, the Legacy for many people represents the ideal used or new car for the Subaru fan who hasn’t pledged their allegiance to a particular model as yet.

Technology which would detect whether a car was breaking speed limits and then force the vehicle to slow down if so have long been mooted as a vital safety addition to cars and vans by the EU.

However, when questioned by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (the IAM), 75% of all motorists said they believed that these changes would actually pose more of a danger to their safety.

These drivers said that they felt the changes, if they were to come into force would actually have more of a negative effect on safety.

The changes which Brussels hopes to introduce to all new and used cars Stevenage in time would use GPS to read road signs and establish the speed limit. They would then automatically control the drivers’ speed. When discussing the survey, Simon Best of the IAM commented that many drivers saw the introduction of the technology as a way of being controlled whilst 78% were against the idea of the tech being used in older cars.

Mr Best discussed the concerns of the public, saying that in order to reach the public and bring them on board with the changes, the EU needed to “reassure the public that this will reduce accidents and breakdowns “.

A favourite of the Queen as well as many motorists, Land Rover have announced that their famed Defender will cease production in 2015. However, in an effort to stave off disappointment they did confirm that a replacement is already under development.

The Discovery has been a favourite of motorists and those searching for Land Rover Range Rover Aberdeen since first being introduced in the early 1990’s. However, as many enthusiasts are aware, the design and specs of the Defender are based on a 1948 model.

Produced in Solihull, the Defender was originally conceived with farmers and those with sprawling estates in mind.

Discussing the end of an era, John Edwards who has just been announced as the new head of Jaguar Land Rovers’ individual products division said that the Defender was “loved the world over for its simple, honest and distinctive design” and confirmed “We are determined that the new Defender will be true to its heritage, while meeting the requirements of a changing global market.”

In addition to being hugely popular with the motoring public, the Defender has also assisted James Bond and Lara Croft on their celluloid adventures.

Discussing the potential replacement for the Defender, Gerry McGovern the Design Director for Land Rover said “Replacing the iconic Defender is one of the biggest challenges in the automotive design world; it is a car that inspires people worldwide”

After many years as the British Number one selling car brand, Ford is far from ready to relinquish their lead – as their September sales clearly demonstrate.

Whilst the list of top selling cars in September 2013 might have included Volkswagen and Vauxhall, Ford once again emerged victorious with the Fiesta setting a staggering 20,629 sales for the month. Their closest rival, the Vauxhall Corsa lagged someway behind with a still impressive 14,464 unit sales for the month.

The rest of the top five selling cars was made up of the Ford Focus (14,295 units), the Volkswagen Golf (12,265 sales) whilst BMW, Peugeot, Nissan and Fiat also featured in the Top Ten.

The figures for the whole of the year so far show the Ford Fiesta firmly in the top spot but with the Focus holding the second position, whilst the Corsa once again jostles behind, demonstrating once again that when it comes to British buyers, the Ford brand remains the first and top choice in all categories.

The numbers show that although other brands might try, and to many extents be successful, there are no signs to the number of people seeking Ford Inverness slowing down.